Introductory Letter to Concerned Parents

Dear Friends,

I wanted to write a brief letter introducing myself, Kevin Robertson, and address some concerns forwarded to me by Lake Grove neighbors and friends in response to letters they have received about our school district and the upcoming school board race.

Who I Am

Why Vote For Me

Certain community members have implied that our schools are in trouble and there is a risk that families will leave Lake Oswego schools, attracted away by districts offering IB (International Baccalaureate) programs or Immersion programs. It is also implied that adding these programs is necessary to LOSD’s survival and continued success.

Lake Oswego is not under attack. We are the highest achieving school district in the state and we need to use our dollars wisely to ensure an outstanding education for all of our students. Constructive innovation is what we need along with the input from our whole parent community on priorities. We must make sure that any implementation of new programs does not lessen our offerings and that they serve as many kids as possible.